Rao Raja Shreekant Mandloi Zamindar

The full name of Rao Sahab is Rao Raja Shreekant Mandloi "Zamindar" belonging to the founding Rao Raja family of Indore.

Education- LLB , M.B.A. (USA) , M.I.S.(USA)

Rao Shreekant Ji by profession is a farmer and a Cold Storage Owner.

Rao Shreekant Ji still presides in the seat of the Rao Raja at his Durbar in Bada Rawala, he here takes care of all the lands of the family and takes care of the problems of people who approach him. He was approached by the people of Datoda in the 90’s when all of the potato crop of the farmers of that village had rotted because of no cold storage facilities. Rao Shreekant Ji for the farmers, set up India’s first modern cold storage facility for the Farmers of Datoda village. Rao Raja Rao Chatrakaran Cold Storage named after his forefather, is the first to bring the concept of P.U.F. Panel potato storage in India, which was also at one point one of the tallest P.U.F. storage in Asia and the first to use anti sprouting on the potatoes to make them last longer. He set up this storage for the farmers at 5 times the cost of a conventional storage in those days, never had a storage like this been built in India before, he made sure that he provided the best for his farmer friends for which he imported the machinery from the world’s best companies in that industry. In the initial years and even today if the farmers produce is spoilt because of the fault of the storage he buys their spoilt produce at market price and his storage does not ask for storage charge.

Rao Shreekant Ji does Organic farming of well above 200 acres in Indore city which is certified organic by SGS. He teaches farmers many cost effective organic concoctions to help the crops of the farmers.

He is head of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh Indore Chapter, at innumerable occasions Rao Sahab has taken up the fight for the rights of the farmers and stands up for their grievances whenever needed. He has been propagating organic farming from the past 20 years and constantly encourages farmers to switch to it. He makes his own concoctions for crop diseases and gives it to free to many farmers, his cold storage has most of his organic pesticide recipes displayed so that farmers can make them on their own.

Rao Shreekant Ji’s work in farming in India was appreciated by President Barack Obama on his India visit in 2008, when the President of the United States of America invited Rao Sahab to meet him on his India visit in Bombay. The points given by Rao Sahab were taken seriously by the president and the exact same points were put forward the next day in his speech at the Indian Parliament.

Rao Shreekant Ji has been integral in fostering bilateral ties between India and the United States farmers. He through the United States Trade and Development Association, has improved bilateral ties between farmers of both countries. Due to his efforts farmers and Agro companies benefited from the knowledge of each other's country to make technology transfer between both countries easier. He made Indian farmers have a glimpse of farming technologies of the developed countries and at many instances has helped Indian farmers import useful machinery into India.

Rao Sahab from the past 20 years holds a conference every year at his storage, he makes farmers aware of new farming techniques, new methods and new machinery that have come up in the past year. He also holds discussions with the farmers, here the problems of farmers are brought to light and effort is made to solve them. Rao Sahabs efforts in farming were appreciated by Consul General of Kingdom of Netherlands Marike van Drunin Littel, who came all the way to Indore to look at his work.

His efforts have been recognised, appreciated and awarded by M.P. State government on 26 Jan 2011 Republic day function.

Rao Sahab was invited by the chinese government as a speaker at the 2015 World Potato Congress held in Beijing China where he put forward traditional Indian farming techniques to the all the participants of the congress from countries worldwide. The Congress discussed on making potato a staple crop in China, the congress was a success and the Chinese Minister accepted to make potato a staple crop in place of Rice in China.

Rao Sahab is now making the people of Indore more aware about the history of Malwa through different functions, on 3rd of March 2016 the Rao Raja of Indore held a function to celebrate the 300 years of Indore where representatives of all religions came and congratulated the people of Indore and the Rao Raja gave his views on how the city should be developed further in an environmentally friendly manner. The M.P. Minister of Education and other M.L.A.'s of Indore were present to grace the occasion and congratulate the people of Indore. He held a function for remembering of Rao Raja Rao Nandlal Ji Mandloi on the 3rd of November, the day the Rao Raja died, to remember the founder of Indore, he organised the function as a “Balidan Diwas” (Martyrs Day) in remembrance of the fallen warriors of Rao Raja Nandlal Ji’s army who had laid their lives for the establishment of this city as well as men in uniform from Malwa who have laid their lives for the country. At the function the Shri P.S. Rathore DIG BSF was kind enough to be the chief guest and Commandant BSF Shri Anant Singh was our respected guest. Here 4 families of soldiers who had lost their lives for the nation were honoured.

Rao Shreekant Ji has been honoured for his efforts in agriculture and storage departments by ICE magazine at their ICE expo held in Indore in 2017. At the ICE expo in Indore he organised a programme with more than 150 farmers where farmers were told about different techniqes to increase the value of their produce. Mr.Sharma head of the National Horticulture Board was also invited to give information of all the government schemes to the farmers. Rao Sahab integrated that farmers to the processing world, this was the first time in the history of the EXPO that farmers had direct participation in the processing world and saw all the technologies first hand.

Bada Rawla

The royal residence of Mandloi family.