The Mandlois (Zamindar's) of Indore have always been at the forefront to work for the betterment of the city they created.

In 1801, after the Marathas had gained power, they looted Ujjain to show down the Scindia's and to fill their coffers. Ujjain was at that time in Scindia territory. 13 Lakh Ruppes worth was looted from the temples at that time. Scindia in retaliation looted 15 Lakhs Rupees worth from Indore. The Maharaja with his ladies fled to Jam Qila. Indore was burning, women were raped, they were committing Jauhar, at that time the Mandlois stood up for the good of their land and its people. 15 lakhs were given by the Mandloi (Zamindar) to the Scindia to release the Maharajah and leave the population alone. Peace was restored to the city thus.

In later times for the betterment of its people at a nominal price, land was given for the construction of Tukoji Rao Hospital where M.Y. Hospital now stands.

The family has supported the disabled by providing its premises to run a Deaf and Dumb school called "Mook Badhir Vidyalaya" for decades till the time the school was self sufficient to make its own premises through government grants. The family also supports art and culture by letting out its premises again for decades for a Music and Dance school called ' Shri Krishna Sangeet Mahavidyalaya'. The school now has become self sufficient, and has its own premises by Govt. grant.  

The family had provided land in present day Siyaganj to many followers of Dawoodi Bohra sect who came to settle here during later part of 19th century. During partition and in years that followed, the Sindhi community also got support, in the form of land at concessional rates.

Rawala has hosted on many occasions through its charitable arm "Sanskriti Kendra". Senior musicians and performers like Bharat Ratna awardee Pt. Ravi Shankar, Pt. Kumar Gandharva have performed here. This exposure provided to the students as an inspiration to aim for the ultimate in their fields. For years on end coaching classes for post graduate students were run in the premises of the Rawala, where each class session was attended by 200 students if not more at any given time. 

"Vivekanada Chhatrawas" is a Boys Hostel run in the premises of the Rawala, named after Swami Vivekanand who had stayed in the Rawala . It is being run for the benefit of meritorious students coming from surrounding villages with weaker background and in need of safe premises to live, for a nominal rent. The Rawala has hosted speeches philosophy by many dignitaries to inculcate good values in people. Eminent personalities like Shri N. G. Ranga, Dada Dharmadhikari, Shri Dandekar, Sardar Pannikker, Ms. Vimal Thakar, Shri Ranganathanan from Ram Krishna Mission to name a few have given the benefit of their thoughts to people here. 


The family has also been taking an interest in the welfare of animals and is sensitive towards their plight, they have provided a home to countless number of homeless dogs who cannot survive on the streets, 2 injured camels, monkeys and almost 200 cows which had been rescued from on the way to the slaughterhouse in some village.