On the 3rd of March 2016 marked the completion 300 years of Indore since it was established in 1716 by Rao Raja Rao Nandlal ji Mandloi Zamindar. To celebrate this occasion, all religious heads were honoured by Rao Shreekant ji Mandloi "Zamindar" for their peoples contribution to this city, there were captivating speeches by our very own Respected Shri Satyanarayan Ji Sattan and Respected Kunwar Vijay Shah Ji (MLA Cabinet Minister Education) who held the pilot inauguration function. Distinguished guests on 3rd also included Shri Jeetu Patwari (MLA) and Shri Ashwin Joshi Ji. On 4th was an exhibition at Bada Rawala of the historic items from the ages preserved by the Rao Raja family, which was inaugurated by Respected Thakur Sahab Narendra Singh Ji Bidwal and Respected Kunwar Sumer Singh ji Principal Sir The Daly College, some of the highlights included letters from Bajirao Ballal and the Mughal Emperors. On the 5th there was the website Inauguration by Shri Ramesh Ji Mendola (MLA) and in presence of other respected dignitaries. Wishing Indore a happy 300 years.

Day 1 Gallery

Day 2 Gallery

Day 3 Gallery

Bada Rawla

The royal residence of Mandloi family.