On 3rd of Nov we celebrate the founder of Indore Rao Raja Rao Nandlal Ji's Balidan Diwas. The Rao Raja's army laid more than 12,000 lives to liberate the people of Malwa from atrocities inflicted by different regimes and went on to win the battle of Tirla. We commemorate this brave effort on 3rd of Nov every year. This year we were honoured to have Respected Shri Pushpendra Singh Ji Rathore D.I.G. B.S.F. as our Chief Guest.

Shri Anant Singh Ji Commandant B.S.F. and Assistant commandant B.S.F. were our respected guests to honour the Martyrs families from Indore. We were honoured that families of men in uniform who lost their lives while protecting our nation were gracious enough to participate in the function. The public was made aware about the conditions under which our brave soldiers defended our country and how they lost their lives.

We cannot express our gratitude towards Respected Shri Pushpendra Singh Rathore enough, who made it a point to fly down from Delhi immediately after a meeting for this function. His speech charged the crowd with patriotism and moved them to the extent that most had tears in their eyes.

Respected Rathore Saab after the function was swarmed with people wanting to take pictures with him and he was kind enough to oblige more than a 100 people. Rathore Saab said that the whole nation is family of the B.S.F..Respected Shri Rathore Saab is presently No.1 in the World in Police Games (Golf) and has been awarded Marwar Ratna. Respected Shri Rathore Sahab hails from the family of Rao Jodha Ji.

Bada Rawla

The royal residence of Mandloi family.